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Wednesday's word is Pets

Susan Mangigian


Feb 6 3 minutes read

Pets.  Such a necessary part of life for many of us.  


Top dog at our house, well, the only dog, is JJ.  Truly the love of my life.  You can read about how we came to adopt  JJ here.  He's the best present I ever gave myself, even though he was actually my son Max's 12th birthday gift.

We also have two beautiful tuxedo cats, Dani and Dusty that make our lives complete.

Having pets is a huge responsibility and not a suitable gift for the holidays WITHOUT first giving serious thought to longterm plans.  Pets are not disposable, they are a part of the family.  Each year, so many pets find themselves in shelters because a family did not think through the longterm plans of having a furry family member.  Cats and dogs find themselves confused and depressed in the loud and frightening surroundings at even the best no-kill shelters.

Look into my dog's face and tell me how he would feel if I dropped him off at a shelter.  He doesn't even like it when I leave him at home to go show houses!

If, after a lot of soul-searching, you realize you have the time and love to commit, (and it is huge commitment, to owning a pet)  there are 1000 plus animals available for adoption at the 23rd Street Armory in Philadelphia and they are having a Mega Adoption Event on 12/16 and 12/17 with only $20 adoption fees.  Click here to find out more.

 For a short time, I volunteered at our local SPCA in the cat room.  Cats aren't as good at selling themselves as dogs are.  The volunteers pet the cats and love them up so that when potential adopters visit, they know to come up to the front of the cages and greet people.  Dogs are naturals at this and the dog section of the SPCA, while well-lit and the cages are roomy, is a heartbreaking place.  Dogs are wagging their tails and barking and begging "take me".   If you have a lot of love, and some spare time, volunteering at the SPCA is very rewarding. To find out more about volunteering at the Brandywine Valley SPCA, click here


 Giving equal time to our beloved cats, here are Dani and Dusty.


Pets truly, in my humble opinion, make a house a home.  If you've really thought it through, and have been wanting a pet, now might be the time.  

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